Friday, December 6, 2013

Potty Mouth No More

One day my co-parent was asked if our daughters knew all the curse words. His response was "why yes they know all their curse words, they learned them from their mother."  It was as funny as it was true.  I've been known to curse way too much, like a truck driver.

Recently a friend told me that she doesn't curse at all in front of her children.  In fact she was a little horrified I do and asked me not to ever curse in front of her children.  I was a little shocked with her self control and promised to honor her request.  It also got me thinking, cursing is not hot.  It isn't awesome.  And, my little old fashioned mind said "it is unbecoming of a lady."  It is not awesome.

Now granted the "f" word is by far the most versatile word in the English language. Let's face it, it can be a verb, adjective, noun, and can probably dangle if you need it to.  Heck it could be on conjunction junction, hang as a preposition, and is even a great interjection. But, not hot.  

So my partner-in-crime, Dannielle Pearson, and I (she is the sailor to my truck driver) have committed to no longer cursing.  It isn't fabulous.  Each time we slip, we are going to put  a dollar in a jar.  At first I thought that when the jar is full we could use the money to buy a fabulous outfit.  But upon reflection that seemed like a reward.  Then she thought we could use the money to improve my underware situation (not as bad as granny panties but in need of help) but that also seemed like a benefit to me (while yes, it is a charity case, still).  So we decided to donate the money to a charity when the jar is full.

Charity has not been selected but, my prediction is this - the charity will be well funded in the near future.

Dannielle and I would like to encourage all ladies out there to put the proverbial bar of soap in their mouth and clean up their foul language.  If we can do this, you can do it too.  Do it with a group, either at home, your colleagues at the office, with a friend, or your entire family.  We can all work to make this world a bit cleaner. One piece of advice as you get started:  cursing is cursing, even if you are alone (if a tree falls in the woods...well, you get the idea!)  

 Now gosh-darn-it get moving!  

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