Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear Infusionsoft:

Hi!  My name is Jennifer Gardella, owner and Founder of Your Social Media Hour. I signed on as an Infusionsoft client in June and am thrilled with my decision.  I have entered your “own your summer” contest and thought it would be a good idea to give you a bit more information about me.   I believe I am the perfect small business owner for your grand prize.  

First, directly in line with the mission of Infusionsoft, I too have a passion for helping small business owners, in fact I built my entire business around that goal.  My service, consulting, and speaking engagements are designed to provide critical information at an affordable price point to individuals wanting to build a digital footprint for themselves and their enterprise.  I want all small business owners to use social media as a tool to build the business of their dreams.  And, my service, which provides education to small business owners is the perfect compliment to your social media tools.  

Second, this is the perfect time for me to receive the support your grand prize offers. The consulting appointments that I purchased with the Kickstart package helped me set-up my systems and learn the basics, but I really have only scratched the surface.  Once the initial pieces take-off this week there are many other areas I want to move into. Learning from your experts while still new to the system will ensure my processes are strategic, implemented correctly, and use the full potential of Infusionsoft.  One of the reasons I selected Infusionsoft was for the automation, and I would like to learn from your experts how to maximize those capabilities.  Additionally, this is the perfect time for me to sit with Daymond Jones.  As I launch my plans to grow through Infusionsoft his advice in many areas of my business would be invaluable.  

Third, I am committed to setting measurable goals and progress checkpoints which, in addition to the automation, is what Infusionsoft is all about. I intend to measure each aspect of my business including number of subscribers to my newsletter and service, prospects, average sale, and upsells just to name a few.  Keeping in line with my desire to build, my next program is ready to roll out and will provide another opportunity to sell to current clients.   Guidance on the right way to position this new product would be beneficial. 

Fourth, I have boundless energy and will use each and every piece of the grand prize to the fullest.  You can see my energy in the work I have done including my websites ( and   The time and commitment I have poured into my business is evident by the progress I have made.  This blog, NJ Divorce Mom, is full of my passion and values and you can find more evidence in my writing on the Huffington Post.  I have realized success on my own, and look forward to taking it to the next level. I have already come a long way demonstrating my dedication to the belief that my business will soar with the advice of Daymond and year of Infusionsoft consulting. 

Lastly, I would love to take my boyfriend away as a special treat for all of the support he has given to my business.  We began dating when I first launched last July (we met online no less!).  He has given me invaluable business advice, places unwavering belief in my success, and gives me space to get my work done.   As a retired Navy Commander (pilot, I nicknamed him Top Gun) he inspired me to offer my service to military trying to build small businesses, and has shown me a level of integrity and commitment I never thought was possible to find in a partner.

This grand prize would set me up for great success. As a single mother I carry a substantial financial burden in supporting my three teenage daughters.  In the short-term my business is poised to pay our bills, and long-term provide me with the with the financial stability to live the life of my dreams.

By selecting me as your grand prize winner you partner with a highly motivated single mother who has unlimited potential to successfully build a company and bring much needed information to small business owners.  I look forward to following the Own Your Summer contest, taking advantage of the special trainings you are offering on the website and look forward to hearing of your  decision soon.

Thanks so much for your time. 


Jennifer L. Gardella, Ph.D.
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