Tuesday, January 13, 2015

He Will Be Flight Based

You may have heard of Madame Marie, the tarot card reader on the Asbury Park boardwalk made famous by Bruce.  I have passed her stand, now occupied by her grand daughter, over a 100 times and never stopped in for a reading.  I always thought the tarot was for amusement and entertainment, and, much like the horoscope I read in Cosmo, so general it can be applied to anyone when put through an individual's filter and need to find connection.

Then one line changed it all for me...

In April, 2012, my dear sister Susan brought a tarot card reader to her home.  Expecting a hippy dippy long skirt wearing woman with dread locks, I was quite surprised to meet Lee Anne Englert for the first time.   She could easily don a suite and walk into corporate America.  She has a masters degree in counseling, is a certified therapist, and just a normal person.

I was in a period of great transition in my life and did open my mind to the fact that the tarot could give me some insight into the decisions and direction I needed to be taking. Open wide and ready to be amused.  

She gave me the cards to hold (to transfer my energy to them - look...just go with it) and asked me to select 21.  They were laid out in three rows to represent my past, present and future.  She knew very little about me which is why my reading was so startling.  She saw the pain in my past and knew I was struggling with a sense of darkness known by only few.  I had been enslaved in a way and mocked for being different.  She saw my three daughters, the nomadic life I was leading at the time, my business in its early infancy stages, and then, she saw him.  She said that at that present moment he was searching with others but would be coming my way...and he is  whole and complete. Apparently I was not going to settle this next time around.

But, it was one other statement she said would really change the way I feel about her gift...

"He will be flight based."  

She wasn't quite sure what that meant, and did not have details about his sky high status.  She thought it could mean I would meet him traveling, maybe he was a salesman, maybe I would meet him in an airport.  I thought this was nuts, flight based?  I had never known anyone with that qualifier.  So I decided to just let it be and think of ways to spend the frequent flier miles I apparently was going to be accumulating.  She also predicted great success for me and my business and explained he would hold my hand as I walked through some difficult times.  He would never try to save me, but rather would support me.

Sure, it was fun to hear what she had to say by looking in her paper version of a crystal ball.  I was glad "he" would be coming since backpack man, the playa, the captain, and dungeons and dragon's man were entertaining but disappointing to my heart.   I looked at my notes, tucked them away, and thought it would be fun to see if any of it came true.  

I proceeded through spring into early summer doing my thing...planning my business, and dating online.  That last part got a little monotonous.  He was no where to be found, the online dating process was horrific and I decided to concede defeat.  July 1, 2013 I went into POF to delete my profile and decided to do one more search expanding my geographic area.  And then...HE popped up...and three days later we had dinner.  

My doors, blown off.  

It was as if she had waived her magic tarot card lady wand of sage over her cauldron.  

He was a Navy Pilot...can you get any more "flight based" than that?   

He also has the top qualities on my list (steel center core of integrity, phenomenal father, in great shape, matched energy, and just as crazy as I am).  As she saw, he was whole and complete with a life...he is happy...and just my type of crazy.  We have walked through the year and a half, holding hands and supporting each other, always putting the children first.  Right from the start we had the same custody schedule, and like to do all the same things.  The relationship is easy, no drama, and built on a pile of trust.  Yes, I have experienced some darkness and he held my hand, held me up, and at times set me straight.  I have equally and unconditionally supported him and well...as we say...it's all good.

Lee Anne is now off on her own building a psychotherapy practice in Doylestown, PA.  Yes, her gift is now growing a business as she inspires her clients with her wisdom and counsel.  Recently I was struggling with an issue that she saw so clearly and then mapped out a plan with me to work through it.  The tarot showed us my path which is apparently surrounded with an abundance of good energy.  Shameless plug:  if you are looking for any help with social media for your small business, well, my business is the go to place.

I do not believe that a set of cards can predict the future.  But placed in the right set of hands with an intuitive healer completely committed to helping, well, they can shine light and perhaps give you some things to ponder.

If you are struggling for a bit of direction or can not see your way through a muddy situation well, I would recommend you visit Lee Anne.  Be open, be present, and listen to her caring words as she guides you through finding the most authentic version of yourself.  


  1. That's a heartfelt story. I have yet to have LeeAnne do a reading for me but I will make a point to do it soon.

  2. LeeAnne is amazing. Through her readings and guidance she has and continues to help me sort through things to better adjust to changes in my life and also to see my strengths. She's a beautiful person, I recommend her highly!!!

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