Friday, July 20, 2012

Katie's got it together

As a mom who has gone through a divorce, I admire the way Katie Holmes is handling herself from the moment she announced the divorce (Ok, well probably the moment some paparazzi was tipped off that papers were filed in NYC). She had a great plan (a pile of money and a lawyer father probably helped). But beyond the ease of setting herself up for this time, she's taking the high road and not talking trash about her soon to be ex. And to boot, she's just today in the Daily News it has been announced that she is reinventing her career on broadway. Hats off to Katie - she isn't jumping on Oprah's crazy counch or even doing a sit down with Babs Walters (actually, on that one I say "not yet"). Good thoughts for all divorced and divorcing moms - put experts around you to help you make the best possible plan for you and your kids, go out and grab the brass ring, and most importantly...don't talk smack about your ex.

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