Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NJ Divorced Mom Give your kids a full night

On June 1st I started two jobs. Yes, I was teaching at Rutgers AND started a full-time job. It was a tough month teaching (the class was only a month). As class ended my kids finished the school year - I thought: "no problem - I'll fit it all in! I can do anything - I am woman hear me roar! " Ummm...reality check kicked in...soon. We haven't missed a beat but it has been a struggle as we juggle swim and dive practices, meets, all day championships, drs appointments, traffic, guitar lessons, dance team, a few camps...does all this sound familiar? Yes, of course it does because you are a single mom living in New Jersey. You've either gone through or are going through your divorce and realized that at times, it gets a bit zoo-ey with kids schedules. But tonight I had a very interesting experience. My boyfriend asked me to spend some time with his puppies since he had plans. He lives about 45 minutes away. I had to juggle work meetings, camp schedules, and my boyfriend's cleaning lady schedule. I was thrilled to help him, but it was so much to get there and honestly, I was dreading it. And then...something amazing happened. I didn't bring a computer or ipad or any work files. The girls and I went ut to dinner on our way and had one of those dinners where we were all connected...just there together. Yes, I walked into the restuarant on a business call, but wrapped up and turned all attention to the kids...it was amazing. Then, we got to the house and decided to bathe the puppies (one of my kids' favorite activities), walk them, run around the backyard with them. Without my work, I found myself playing cards and having my little one teach us the solo routine for her competition dance team (backyard is very private so the lunacy of this last one was not for public display). All of the insanity of the day, week, summer melted away. Tomorrow starts a new day of insanity. BUT, this weekend is my parenting time and I am so excited we already have some puppy time planned...and I will make sure to unplug for most of it.

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