Monday, August 13, 2012

A day in the life of a New Jersey Single Mom

I thought it would be downright amusing to sit and actually think about all that I do in an average day.
Now to say that I actually have a typical day is hysterical all in itself.  So I'm going to list some average occurrences filled in with some tidbits of some unusual happenings.  
My day starts off at 6am - usually because I have to use the ladies room.  Now, until about 9 months ago, I would be able to fall back to sleep.  But 9 months ago my boyfriend entered my life and well, he is a morning person.  And somehow, he has trained me to get up early.  Usually I'm not all that happy about it, but once I get rockin' and see all that I can get done, ok, its very grown-up.  
I check my phone and there is always a sweet little text from my boyfriend, yes he is amazing.  He knows how much I appreciate the early morning thought.  It also shows me that he is already up, usually hitting his email, and he inspires me to get going.  
As the song goes...I stumble downstairs, into the kitchen and pour myself a cup of ambition - if you know the rest of the words, good for you, it is a classic.  Ok, well I first have to make the coffee - and it isn't just ambition, for that time of day, it is literally the source of life.  And I need a Kuerig.  The pot, filter, measuring spoon thing is no longer working for me.
I sit down and start working immediately.  My job is a bit nuts right now - lots to do.
At 8 am I wake my youngest up for camp.  She usually showers and gets her stuff for the day together.  I make her lunch, we chat, and leave at 8:45 to drop her off.  There is a walk-in involved, kiss and hug, I usually try to strike up a conversation with a counselor to get to know them (hey, they have my baby all day) and then I am back to the house to work.  At 10am the fun begins attempting to wake up the teen and tween.  I am met with growls and snarls, and rolling eye rolls and looks like I have just taken away their iphones.  Usually I see some success around 11am.  This is progress as when left to their own devices, they do not emerge until 1pm.
Oh, I should add that on Tuesday/Thursday I go to a personal trainer - a perpetual gift from my boyfriend - he claims he wanted me to feel better about my abs (I would hide them)  - turns out he wanted my butt to get bigger.  Hence, he will now pay for the personal trainer forever.
So now I'm home, kids are up, they are grumpy, they are on their computers, I am working, they usually go off to the pool, I continue working.
Sometime around 3pm I realize that I forgot to eat lunch so that gets taken care off.  By 4 I have to get the little one from camp.
Then there is the endless rounds of laundry (and telling the kids to do their laundry), dinner, driving someone somewhere, once a week we go out to dinner, and I try to do something fun with them like mini golf.  They don't want to do a family bike-ride anymore.  We have a few shows we like to watch at night - but honestly the tv rarely goes on.  I shower, tuck the little one in bed (not allowed to tuck the other ones in any more so I just mention to them it is time for bed), and then I fall into bed ipad in hand, and catch-up on news and facebook.
Now, things that have been added to my day in the past week:  vet appointments for my boyfriends dog (a 5 hour round trip excursion) as our poor puppy scratched his cornea; private dance and guitar lessons (although I have realized the benefit of a guitar teacher who comes to the house and dance lessons that are just two miles away); and chasing down my 12 year old when she forgets to tell me where she is.  
After going through this little exercise, my new motto is "roll with it."
Downright amusing....hysterically funny in a very dark way...and it is my life and I love every minute of the craziness.  Wouldn't trade it for the world.  

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