Thursday, August 9, 2012

Maria Schriver Looks Good in a Bathing Suit

Because a woman needs a man to look good like a fish needs a bicycle. 
 Nuff said. 
     As a divorced single mom, I was psyched for Maria Schriver when I saw her bathing suit pictures published this week in the Huffington Post.
     Now let me first start out by saying that no, I would not want my bathing suit pictures published for the whole world to see – not even if I had a rocking body. And I often think that the media infringes on the privacy of just about everyone. HOWEVER, good for Maria. She is one hot single momma.
      So after I sent a karmatic “high five” her way, I sat back and read some internet commentary on her pictures. What was so astounding to me are the number of people who were making references to the fact that she still looked good after the divorce…it was as if they were surprise she looked so good. One said “maybe she doesn’t need Arnold”…ummm, no kidding. Maybe they were expecting her to look all haggard after losing her man or from the trauma some believe she went through. Heck no…good riddance Mr. Cheater who had a child with the housekeeper. The relief she felt from ditching good old Arnie clearly was better for her looks than a good strong shot of Botox.
      Does anyone honestly believe that a woman needs a man to look good? Well yes, just about as much as a fish needs a bicycle. Get my point?
      The Schriver issue brought to my mind this idea that to look good, to shine, to preen, has nothing to do with whom you spend your time with or your marital status. Ladies, how good we look is all about who we are…and I am fabulous, and so are you and so we look that way. But most importantly, no way do I, nor you, nor Maria Schriver…..needs a man by her side to look good. It is corny to say, but beauty comes from within.
      And on a very personal ending I will share that I have come to realize that if the stars align, and you find the right man, you may just shine a bit brighter due to the insane happiness you feel inside of you because of who is by your side. That’s where I am right now…it is awesome, and I hope each of you experiences it in the very near future.

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