Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Walk Around My Vision Board

I am a proud member of +Network Now Connections LLC, an organization spearheaded by +Jamie Broderick to support the entrepreneurial spirit and professional development of women.  Jamie is holding an event Hands-On Workshop: Goal Setting with Vision Boards – Session 2.  Seeing the event announced reminded me that I had just worked on vision boards with my three daughters.  I had saved magazines for a few months, purchased a few canvases, and then one evening we clipped, clued, and Modge Dodged by the fireplace.  The girls and I talked about goals, the many gifts we already have in our lives, and then some of the things we wanted to start to include.

Our boards turned out exactly as they should, meaning that they were as unique as each creator and told a story about the values we hold close and cherish, and what we want to build upon for the coming year.

I started mine with a bit of organization (shocker) dividing the board into three columns.  The first was the outward me.  I want to be a bit healthier, learn to cook, and play a bit more in the world.  I am fully aware I need a makeover both of hair, wardrobe, and actual make-up.  You will see there is a fancy pair of underwear - while the granny panties are gone there is still much work to be done in that area.

My middle column started with the friends that I have showing their importance to me.  Honestly they are now actual members of my inner circle and family.  I included a few words describing me, the life I live and those things I want to continue.  Fearless is important to me  - I am not scared of anything and plan to stay that way.

The space pieces shows the time I like to take for myself.  The quiet time with my computer typing away here in my blog, the meditating that helps clear my mind, the physical distance I sometimes need from others when I want to hunker down and work.  At the end of that middle column is the heart for the love I hope will start to grow - it will be easy, open, and more than I will ever need.  This is the year of princess writing her own fairy tale, with someone on mutual terms.  Not settling.

The last column is about my empire.  My business which is building and my teaching.  And how those pieces of my life will allow me to grow my savings, move into my house full-time within in the next few months (ending the nest), and really start to put down some serious financial roots for myself.  I put a vacation in the corner because that is directly related to money, we are booked for spring break, and well, it is a nice reminder of the one I just took with my special someone.

Vision boards can help you set goals, remind you of all the wonderful things you have in your life, and help you realize the spaces you need to fill in.  My vision board looks a bit sparse right now - but I plan to add to it every now and again as something crops up.  Stay tuned.

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