Friday, January 3, 2014

Dear 2014: Let's get a few things straight from the start

Dear 2014:

Your predecessor, 2013 was a roller coaster ride of epic proportions and I really did enjoy each peak and even the valleys.   I learned my lessons, took my licks, moved forward and accomplished a ton.  I built a stronger me, an unending circle of support, and had a wild time. Princess started to build her empire and is writing her own fairy tale.  All good.

2013 was about establishing a different set of habits for myself and my new way of operating and 2014, I will need your help in maintaining these new behaviors and ways of thinking.  Just so we are clear right from the start I will be following these guidelines with strict adherence.  Please take note and follow along.
  1. Only awesome people are allowed in my life:  The awesome live without judgement, operate with unconditional love and an abundance of support.  They make me a better person and allow me to return the favor.   2013 did a great job bringing some awesome people into my life, friends who are now my family and a special someone with matched integrity, energy and crazy to me.  2013 also did a great job of showing me the people I don't want in my life.  Let's keep up that great work.  
  2. I will be a parent to my children before I am their friend.  It is my job to make them responsible and productive citizens not to be their buddy.  
  3. I will not allow drama, games, and hidden agendas to get anywhere near my life.   
  4. If it doesn't bring me peace and joy, it isn't allowed in.  I don't care what the "it" may be - person, place or thing.  
  5. I will keep my power. This does not mean I always have to get my way and I will still continually do amazing things for others.  But I will not be a doormat allowing others to run all over me.  Those in my life and favor must appreciate me and I promise to do the same.  
  6. It is not my job to please other people.  I will continue to go out of my way for other people but it isn't my job to make them happy.  
  7. Tell fear to take a hike.  While I constantly joke that I am not scared of anything, honestly, there was a ton of fear for me in 2013.  Every part of my life was either called into question or turned upside down.  I had an unwavering belief that I would would survive but did allow the fear to creep in. Never again.  
  8. I will start to accept the apologies I know I will never receive.  
  9. I will absolutely meditate, do 150 squats and 500 crunches every day.  I am planning to sail into 2015 completely at peace with a rock solid tush, thighs, and abs.  
  10. I'm not settling in any part of my life.  This includes the behaviors and qualities of others I allow in.  If they aren't worthy they are not getting close. I'm sure you are noticing a theme and some redundancy, that is intentional.  
I understand you may test me, possibly at ever turn.  I am up for it with a commitment to move forward with the above.  I am not looking for an easy ride, I am looking for an abundance of peace, happiness and success as I define it.  Still plan to work my little fingers to the bones and grab the brass ring on the carousel.  

So 2014, let's make an agreement to get along.  Chart a good course, work hard, be amazing.  What I went through in 2013 was necessary. Life was stripped to the bone and I rebuilt awesomeness.  Everything was called into question and persevered.  All good - now let's go. 

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