Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's in Your Envelope?

A few months ago I looked at my calendar and realized a good friend's birthday was fast approaching, I needed to get her a great gift.  I wanted to make her birthday exciting, bring some crazy into her day, and honor our friendship with a memento she could cherish. Suddenly I had the idea.  It would take a bit of coordinating but it was doable.

She came for dinner a few nights before and I handed her an envelope.  I explained she was not to open it until it was requested by another person, at which time the contents could be revealed.  I assured her she knew the person, there would be no surprise (like a ninja jumping out of a tree), and she would feel very comfortable.  She was coming back for dinner two days later, on the night of her birthday, and I did tell her the person would appear before her return to my dining room table.

What I didn't realize when I handed Susan the envelope was I started a near 48 hour period of utter amusement, wonder, and deep contemplation.  What did she think was in the envelope?  What did she need to be in the envelope?  What did she want the envelope to contain?  

When the envelope was actually opened we were all in for quite a surprise as it seemed to unleash an unexpected power that was able to work a magic for which I have been thanked by the many people its contents have impacted.  All I wanted to give to my dear friend was a few days of wonder and reflection - but it turned out to be a force of goodness that could not be restrained.  It was a mighty gift that will live on, the effects possibly forever.  My little surprise born out of unconditional love for my sister grew a bit mightier than both of us.

Now, you may be thinking that I am going to tell you what was in the envelope, the details of how the other person was involved, and how it all played out.  Sorry, but no. What was actually in that envelope as she opened it, the identity of my partner in crime, and what has occurred since are not part of the reason I bring this story to my blog.  

The reason I tell this particular tale is to ask you to consider the question....

if you were given an envelope, what would you want it to contain?

For Susan's actual birthday dinner I had assembled her posse, a cast of characters sat around my table with a spirit of unconditional love I wish could be bottled.  When we got to talking about the envelope I actually posed this question to the group and the collection of responses was as intense and eclectic as our respective personalities.  A new job, untold wealth, an engagement ring, peace, and a motor cycle, the list was varied.  

And so, faithful reader, what is the first idea your gut blurts out? What is it that you truly desire?  If you allow yourself to dip a little deeper into your heart, what is it that you yearn to obtain?  

And then of course this all begs the question,
why don't you just go and get it for yourself?  

Do you really have to wait for someone to give you an envelope contacting exactly what you want?

That answer is a very simple one, and one you already know.  You do not need me, or anyone else to give you an envelope with what you want to bring into your life.  You, and you alone possess the power to bring about your own great change, wealth, happiness, and peace.  No, you can not propose to yourself, well, I guess you could.  You can certainly  put yourself on a path where the end result is whatever you desire. Yes, there may be obstacles including financial barriers, access, or time needed. Deep down you know you can make it all happen.

My friends, imagine I have given you an envelope inside of which is only permission to go and build whatever it is that you desire. The path to your success will be all about the journey and not nearly as exciting as the destination...remember, the fun of Susan's gift was not the contents of the envelope but the few days she spent thinking about it.

This post is dedicated to Logan, a shining star in the world who graduates today from High School.  Logan, remember your strength and many special gifts you possess which are yours alone to share with the world.  Whatever it is you would want an envelope to contain you can give to yourself.  Most importantly, Dr. My Hero is always make good choices...and never stop ringing the doorbell just to say hello.  

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