Monday, August 4, 2014

Have I showered today? Relaunching a website.

In January I was given some startling advice.  My website, while brilliantly written, was not designed to attract my target audience..small business owners needing and wanting help with their social media campaigns.  The site was too crowded, unclear, and generally not user friendly.  I was devastated but up to the challenge of fixing it all.  I thought and thought about all I heard and made a list of what needed to be done...which included:
  1. Launching another website to house my consulting and speaking (and so,
  2. Offering different levels to better meet the needs of my clients - they needed price points, names, and full descriptions.
  3. A better explanation of exactly what people receive. 
  4. Some explanation of exactly what small business owners need to do on social media
  5. I needed to accept credit cards - not just Paypal
  6. The list went on and on on....
It took some time for it to sink in that I needed a whole new plan. The  first website, Jennifer Gardella,  went up rather quickly - I was writing and planning when I found a Wordpress template that I loved and it was very easy to build.  But then I needed to think about the next pieces of the plan. I knew I needed some help with programming my website, a new CRM system, and an endless amount of time to get the pieces in place.  The CRM piece really was a big hurdle and I wound up with Infusionsoft.  It was exciting to take that type of leap and put that faith in my business, but it was a ton of work to get started. I mean a whole bunch of work as I also reworked Your Social Media Hour.  I felt like I was back to the days when my first daughter was born - not sleeping a whole lot and could not remember if I even showered that day. 

As the pieces started coming together I really didn't have a whole lot of time to breath.  Infusionsoft took most of my time and the site was always there to be worked on.  I was writing on line for carpools and in parking lots as I shuffled my kids around.  I would roll out of bed and start working at 6am. I was in a state of "What's Important? What's is Urgent" and there were times when my children made dinner for us and even did the grocery shopping.

And now, the work is done and we are off and running:  writing website articles and blog posts; offering new programs for our military; partnering with Bright Flame Consulting, and working with local small business owners to help them establish their social media footprint..just to name a few things going on.

Being a mom-preneur is so exciting...stay tuned for more exciting things on the horizon and how I get through each one launching!  

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