Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Client: "I Have Been Waiting for This Moment"

Me:  "And I am Honored to Share it with You."  

This week I had the great fortune of meeting with Kay and Sparky, a husband and wife team living in Central New Jersey.  They asked for a consultation appointment with me to help understand, plan and build their social media presence for Adornamentals.

As I sat down at their dining room table Kay said to me "I have been waiting for this moment."  She has been sewing her fingers to the bones for years building a very unique product.  And while holding her hand through the process, Sparky has helped her start to lay plans for the actual business side. They have built a product and a small business poised to go to the next level with a strategic internet marketing campaign.

And they had selected me for this next step. 

Upon learning this I had goosebumps.  My name and service came highly recommended to them through a local small business association. They had heard I dedicated my work to helping small business owners put plans in place for their website, blog and social media footprint including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  We spent just over two hours together.  I explained how to maximize the time they spent working on their website including pages to add (and a blog of course).  We discussed the importance of a strong social media campaign and how progress could be made without overwhelming their schedules.  They set an overall goal and we worked a few manageable steps.  We agreed to check back in about a month.

Kay's product is exquisite and I am almost at a loss for how to describe it (stop laughing, yes, I am at a loss for words).  It is a home furnishing item that goes beyond anything I have ever seen in a store.  Kay uniquely and individually crafts one of a kind ornaments for you to hang. Looking for something to fill a corner, bring color up to the ceiling and tie it all together with a beautiful fabric?  That is where she fits. They can hang anywhere, but when they talked about filling a corner that really made sense to me. They have a house full of samples, fabrics and multiple spaces dedicated to their business. In the way that the talk and live, their passion to build and succeed shines through.

Sitting with this couple I closely watched their dedication to the business as well as to each other and the experience reaffirmed a few ideals for me.  First, finding love a second time around is possible.  When you are a small business owner out in the dating world you are not just looking for a mate but for a business partner.  You never know when they are going to get sucked into your enterprise and since you walk, talk, and breathe your business it is going to mesh with your personal life.  You need someone who can support you through the good and bad of your business and also stand proudly and represent you - because by extension, when walking around in the world, they are part of who you are.  For instance, you may have a social "significant others included" networking event and you best have someone awesome to bring with you. Like I am doing, for the +Network Now Connections LLC  anniversary party with my buddy +Jamie Broderick in a month.

And lastly, as I sat with Kay and Sparky I realized I am absolutely in the right business for me.  I loved working with this couple, answering their questions, providing them with the information they needed to promote their business.  When we first sat down they had a list of questions and were very confused about where to begin.  By the end they had clear direction, an action set to complete before we meet again, and peace of mind that their marketing goals were achievable.  As I often say, I'm not a good cook but if you need someone to teach you and then help you promote your business on the internet, I'm the gal to call.  


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