Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Me and My Buddy Marcus

There came a point in my life when I realized (accepted) that the universe did not send me to earth with a natural support system.  While I am a very independent chick, this lack of a group presented a huge problem.  I craved a naturally given circle around me accepting me for whom I am and enjoying each other's company with unconditional love.  Once I accepted the fact that I had to put my own group around me, well, he walked in.

Who is he to me?  A mentor, a friend, a business coach.  Sometimes a brother, plays the part of uncle, and has at times even stepped in with fatherly advice.  I joke a lot and call him my guru, he really doesn't like that. In fact, he prefers not to be labeled at all.  Let's just go with his name then, Marcus.  

I was recently speaking at a networking and Marcus attended.  I was honored beyond words with his presence.  I quoted him several times during my presentation and afterwards several participants commented that we have "quite a relationship." They asked "how can I get a relationship like that for myself?"  Each time I replied with the same message, "you can not "get" this type of has to be sent to has to be has to be nurtured and held sacred.  You have to find the right person."  Marcus and I are both unique individuals and our mutual crazy and vibrational levels match, almost in step with one another.  Ours is a friendship that developed from a mutual admiration and respect for one another.  Kindred spirits both build from an authenticity rarely found.

Marcus entered my life years ago when was battling a serious medical condition and wanted his naturopathic wisdom.  Over the next few years we kept in touch largely through Facebook and I watched him move into the Google+ sphere.  In fact his knowledge and use of social media brought me to his door for professional guidance when a job required me pushing out a strategic social media campaign.  At our first meeting I was ready to roll, pen in hand prepared to hang on and write down his every word.  Yet, he had a very different agenda in mind and his was the plan that we actually followed.

It quickly became apparent I was not leaving his den without a full examination of my spirit.  He called into question many aspects of my life.  He had been watching, very closely on Facebook, and had reason for great concern.  I sat defensive in my chair and started lying through my teeth.  "Everything is fine, better than fine, I'm really happy."  He asked me about my dissertation, my children, the state of my current romantic relationship.  I silently wondered how the heck he could sense problems - from a few pictures on Facebook no less!  It is only now that I realized he was able to see my soul without judgement, saw the darkness I was harboring and wanted to help me out. 

With his unwavering help I positioned that business I was working for to first page rankings on Google search (shameless ad for my skills) all the while Marcus and I developed a very comfortable relationship based on a common interest in each other as people.  When I found myself making an unexpected and shocking turn in life, it was Marcus who helped me see the opportunity.  It was his texts,  (almost daily), that lifted me as I moved through the end of my dissertation.  

Marcus is the first one I went to when I had the idea for Your Social Media Hour.  I can remember wanting to share with him my 10 page business plan and shell of a website I had created.  At that time I honestly thought he was going to give me a huge hug, tell me to polish my resume, and go and get a real job.  But instead he saw great value in my idea and the passion I held in my heart.  His stamp of approval on my plan meant the world to me.  

As my business started to grow a bit Marcus took on the monumental task of getting me to start living from my heart.  As a analytical, list making, Type A personality this was a challenge I thought might break us both.  We called it the "get out of your head and into your heart tour, 2013" and, to his credit and possible exhaustion that mission was completed.  The repositioning of life shifted everything I did and life got hopping.  I would share my trials, tribulations and successes with him often and there were times he believed in me more than I did myself. My favorite text from him of all time:

"Whose ass are you kicking today princess?"

As we keep in touch, just about every day, he acts as one of my closest confidants and advisors.  He impacts every aspect of my life from children, friends, family, and my business.  He is the male confidant I was not given in life and he fills that cup to the point where it is overflowing. He is like a chameleon in my life, bringing forth the guidance I need at any given time just as I need it.  Always adjusting the delivery and intensity of his support and always providing unconditional love as I need it.

It isn't all peace and love all the time, sometimes he has to take out his proverbial 2x4 and whack me upside the head hitting me squarely in my craziness knocking me back to reality.  That is the balance to having Marcus in my life...the greatest care and compassion but if you slip into victim, pity or uncertainty, well brace yourself.  


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