Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guidice Manzo Comments - Caroline get back on the high road

Admittedly, I use to be a huge fan of Desperate Housewives of New Jersey. Being a divorced, previously stay-at-home mom in New Jersey I was originally horrified with the casting (and how they did not represent any of the NJ moms I knew at that time). But anyway, I so fell in love with the show and the drama was a great distraction from my life. Right from the get-go I absolutely loved Caroline Manzo. She was a chick who kept her family at the center of her life, was a no-bull type chick, a very loyal friend, a great mom (sent two of her boys to Fordham - my alma mater), and supported her husband's love of his business (I bet it helped that his business made them filthy rich). Anyway, her recent comments about the Guidice problems, while good for ratings, are completely cheapening her mostly high brow approach to life. And this highlights, for us all to see on a weekly basis (on our big screens) how caddy women can really be towards each other. There is nothing to gain by stepping off the high road and publically trashing another female - but yet in my experience, as I explained yesterday, many a female held court and played judge and jury when they found out I was getting divorced. Why do we do this? Forever will amaze me. I hope Caroline appologizes for her obnoxious comments, jumps back on the high road, and concerns herself with more important matters.

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