Friday, July 27, 2012

NJ Divorce - Looking forward to tonight

A few days ago I shared the major success of unplugging with my kids. Seems basic, simple...I always hated the idea of scheduled quality time but I gotta say as a single working mom with three tweens and teens, I am starting to see the value of blocking time out. So here is what I have planned for tonight - I hope it inspires ideas that fit with your family. First, we are going to my boyfriend's house to watch the start of the olympics. We love this tradition. As an added bonus, the boyfriend has a super huge tv - the kids love this and we will feel like we are sitting in the stadium watching without having to have jumped across the pond. We have great food planned (the boyfriend loves to make pizzas with the kids and has a to-die-for homemade sauce - he spoils us). My little one and I purchased a few old school games (Monopoly, sorry, cards) and we can sit around and play. At some point someone will run to pick-up ice cream. I am so excited. New Jersey is a crazy state to live in. It is busy, there is lots to do, and it can be crazy expensive for a single mom with a budget (have you priced out taking four to Great Adventure for a day? Omgosh. And whenever I plan something big, spend too much money, it is a toss up if we are going to have a great time. Traffic, moods, crowds, gift shops and coutnless other factors factor in. A simple night at home is easy, cheap, local, and will be awesome. I'll let you know how it goes.

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