Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NJ Divorce Mom and leaving your next relationship

So you've just gone through a divorce in New Jersey. A densely populated state with what seems like a billion people. And you look around blind to any potential romantic prospects and you say "so will there be another relationship in my life?" I was determined to find Mr. Right - I had divorced becaue I had married Mr. Wrong. I had a long list of ingredients the new guy had to have been created with: a love of my children, a devotion to me. ambition, love of sex, healthy lifestyle, success, all around happy, love of NYC, willingness to co-parent...those were some of the highlights. My first post-divorce relationship was not a success - the love died and I was so scared to get out. He wasn't putting any time into "us" and had stopped almost all effort with my kids. I wanted more but I was scared to leave because of the hurt it may cause my girls, but then again, I have always subscribed to the philospophy "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." My kids rolled with the loss. When I explained to them the reasons for the break-up my little one said "Good for you mom." Turns out, this is not uncommon. While I didn't have a second marriage, as a divorced mom in New Jersey who is definitely interested in getting married again, I could really relate to this article:

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