Friday, October 25, 2013

This Princess only Poops Rainbows

There are two undeniable facts:  everyone poops and poop stinks.  While guys like to high five each other for smoking out the house, women are usually mortified.  We females go to great lengths to hide the evidence opening windows, lighting matches and even carrying spray deodorizers in our purses to cover the evidence. Have you noticed that nothing really works and, in most cases calls even more attention to the original odor?  
As a grown women firmly based in reality, there is little I hide from the outside world.  I am authentically me and fly my freak flag mighty high.  Heck I will even talk about poop on my blog. Except I do not want to ever give anyone indication that my stuff stinks.  If you would like to live under the same grand delusion as me, I have a solution to the problem.  I have found a  magical little product called Poo-Pourri.  A few sprays of this magical solution before you go and your secret is hidden.  I have tested this product several times over and thrilled to report that it works.  Here are the two products I ordered:  

For those of us single gals in the dating world attempting to put our best foot forward, well the daily constitution may be a bigger concern.  During those days of initial courtship you hide burping, pooping, and farting to avoid the embarrassment.  So you hold it, maybe wait until you are out and about, at a restaurant, a park, just about anywhere away from your guy.  You experience this discomfort in the name of vanity scared to death of your man catching a whiff.  I'm not saying this is a healthy outlook, but just something we do.  

Personally I don't care if my guy sees me dripping with sweat after hiking and bike riding or stinking from a day covered in suntan lotion and lake water after we kayak.  I don't mind if he sees my horrible golf swing or I embarrass myself playing pool.  But, just as Carrie Bradshaw was mortified when she first farted in front of Mr. Big, yeah, I would just die if I didn't do everything in my power to hide the evidence.  Enjoy this little trip down memory lane:  

Happy ordering!

As many of you know I have been experimenting with linking to certain products through an Amazon affiliate account.  If you click on my links, I get a small percentage of the sale.  So far I have made $.29.  Clearly this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and I will only recommend products that I personally use, those who can help my readers, and let's face it - make ya laugh.  

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